7 Reasons Why Lakes Are Infinitely Better Than Swimming Pools

1. Swimming pools are tiny. Most neighborhood pools go as deep as 6’0″ — which barely covers the top of my head. Yes, lakes have lake weed… but if you go to the middle you can’t even feel it, because you can’t touch the bottom! Ahhh, space. There is nothing more awkward than an overcrowded pool full of scantily-clad humans getting too close to me. (Yes, I’m a hermit. Deal.)

2. Pools have chlorine. Yes, it keeps the pool clean, but it also stings my eyes. No fun! Lakes may be sanitized via fish pee, but at least it’s NATURAL, darn it!

3. Lakes come with boats! At a swimming pool, you have two options: swim, or not swim (aka sunbathe and sweat). At a lake, the possibilities are endless! Swimming, sunbathing, noodling, skiing, boating, sailing, tubing, wake boarding, taking a nap on a floating mattress rocked by boat wakes… you get the picture.

This engagement day voyage brought to you by: LAKES!

4. Lakes don’t need to be winterized. And, if you’re an awesome Minnesotan snowbeast, you can even use a lake year-round! Can you say Polar Plunge? (Not to mention ice fishing!)

5. You can fish in a lake.

6. Lakes cost you nothing, you don’t have to build them (unless you live in Western Kansas and there is no water!!!), and they require no upkeep other than finding an actual trash receptacle for your garbage. WIN!

7. Watching a sunset over a swimming pool… not exciting. Watching a sunset over a sea of sparkly lake diamonds… breath-taking.

3 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Lakes Are Infinitely Better Than Swimming Pools

  1. Okay, those are some good points about lakes.  But can I just say that lakes have the major disadvantage of SLIMY THINGS?  Not only seaweed, but fish that sometimes touch you… and, worst of all, leeches!!


    1. @CarissaLick Hence my point about AVOIDING said slimy things! Once I got tall, I hated swimming near the pier (because of all the icky lake-weed and especially leeches). But I STILL love swimming out in the deep of lakes where you could never hope to touch the bottom. No slimies, no weeds, no fish (close, anyway), and NO leeches! Problem solved. =)


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