The Racial Dot Map and Me: A Cartographical Biography

So this morning I stumbled across this fantabulous interactive map that plots US Census data on a map of the United States. Each dot represents one person, broken down and color-coded by which “race box” they checked on the census. Census Map - KeyMe being a map-lover (thanks, Dad!), I just started zooming in and out and around — it’s fascinating (and somewhat sobering) to see how separated the color blocks are in a lot of places. THEN I wondered what each of the places I’ve lived looked like on this map… so I had to look them up.

In order from earliest to most recent, here are snapshots of all the places I’ve ever lived:

Omaha, NE: 1987-1992 (Blondo St.)

Census Map - Omaha

Itasca, IL: 1992-1999 (Rush St.)

Census Map - Itasca, IL

Lake Forest, IL: 1999-2005 (Deerpath Rd.)

Census Map - Lake Forest

Overland Park, KS: 2005-2010 (Eby St.) [concurrent with college] 

Census Map - Overland Park

St. Peter, MN: 2006-2010 (On-campus at Gustavus Adolphus College) [concurrent with OP, KS]

Census Map - St Peter

Liberal, KS: 2011-2012 (New York Ave.) [That’s the OK state line at the bottom.] 

Census Map - Liberal KS

Chaska, MN: 2012-present (Liberty Heights)

Census Map - Chaska

Hmm. Super interesting to see it laid out in front of you like this. No particular conclusions at the moment — just noticing a looooooot of blue in a few of those places. (Well, in all of them, but exclusively in some.) Also, population density. Dude.

Check out the neighborhood where you live! What do you notice about your area? Or what thoughts do you have about mine? =)