Wisdom from My “Timothys”

Wow. I have been feeling so blessed by the wisdom of my “mentees” (like I’m supposed to teach THEM things!) this week that I thought I’d share a few of their more profound gems with you all.

First, from my new-blogger-mentee:

Everyone needs a Paul, a Peter, and a Timothy — a mentor, a peer, and someone to mentor.

Gosh, isn’t that just so true? I am still rolling that one around in my mind. So much depth. I won’t say more, since I believe she’s going to blog about it soon herself. =)

And then from one of my high schoolers during our discussion about addiction today. You’ve probably heard either the Native story about the two wolves (if not, go read it here!) or at least the saying about “What you feed grows; what you starve dies.” Here’s what came up as we talked about that principle within our lives:

Student 1: I think sometimes I starve God, just because I am so busy feeding other things like homework or sports.

Student 2: I don’t think I’m starving God, but I’m not really feeding him a feast either.

RIGHT??? We don’t starve God completely — but sometimes we sure don’t feed him well. More like bread and water. Just enough to keep him alive.

Mmm. Deep and wise thoughts from some fantabulous Timothys — and these are just the soundbites! Who are the Timothys in your life? What have you been learning from them lately?

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