(Oh look, we’re babies!) Us in 2011.


Welcome to TheSJs.com,

the shared blog of Daniel and Rebekah Schulz-Jackson. Our focus is approximately as follows: theology, ethics, purpose, humanity, history, justice, oppression, race, class, technology, communication, consumerism, community, education, action, activism, family, marriage, church, etc. (You know, just a few things.) We hope to address issues from profound to practical — ranging from tech tricks to the character of God and the purpose(s) of life. Hopefully somewhere in there there’s something helpful for you, or for us.

The Schulz-Jacksons.

We currently reside in Twin Cities area, where Rebekah works as an eLearning consultant and Daniel works on freelance coding projects, among other things.

TheSJs.com -> thesjs.com -> THESjS.com!

We didn’t even think about it when we bought the domain name. Only when Daniel typed it out somewhere else — thesjs.com — did we realize that it looks like “thesis”.

the·sis (n) 1. a proposition stated or put forward for consideration     Dictionary.com

For those of you who know us, you will find this very fitting. The two of us have some big differences in the ways we think, but something we share in common is that in most any subject or conversation, we both want to dig deeper, to evaluate, to propose, to consider.

Thanks for reading and interacting.


~The S-Js