Little House / Wounded Knee

This page is a gathering place for the posts related to my reading/blogging journey reconnecting the nostalgic Little House on the Prairie novels of my childhood with the truth of their proper historical context, as chronicled in Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American West and other books.

Preamble: In Which Rebekah Revisits a Childhood Milestone with Grown-up Eyes
Week 1: Molecules and Melons
Week 2: Broken Promises
A Note about Native Peoples
Week 3: Cardinal Directions
Week 4: The Good, the Bad, and the Evil
Week 5: On Independence
Week 6: Empty Woods and Good Indians
Week 7: Indian Commissioner and Indian Territory
Week 8: Cattle Drives and White Papers
Week 9: Blizzards, Betrayal, and Buffalo
Week 10: Bucking Broncos and Beat-Downs
In which I’m a (recovering) racist
Week 11: Spunky Girls and Self-Determination
Week 12: Long Winter and Legality
Week 13: Boarding Schools and B.S.
Week 14: Maturity and Minstrels
Week 15: Twitterpation and Trees
Week 16: Life and Death on the Plains
A Pine Ridge Post-Script

Several years after the completion of this reading project, I reflected back on what I learned in this article here, published in a newsletter and recorded when I read it aloud at my church. Check it out.