What if college didn’t stop when we graduated?


Life University


Academic University
Housing Association
Business Co-op

I miss college.

I miss learning.

I miss community.


Lifelong learning and community are really, really valuable.

I miss college.┬áDon’t you?


So why do we stop going to college?

  • Because it’s expensive.
  • Because it takes up a ton of time.
  • Because it keeps us from being mobile, making it harder to pursue our careers.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


Envision with me a really efficient — almost monastic — housing cooperative, whose members:

  • Engage in lifelong learning together: sometimes rigorous, sometimes relaxed. Sometimes peer-driven, sometimes prestigious. Research, lessons, internships, discipleship, publication, training, tutelage, etc. in full or partial partnership with an existing university.
  • Resource each other and work together in both nonprofit and for-profit arenas, assuring bountiful and meaningful work opportunities
  • Share community in a variety of other possible ways — food, worship, recreation, etc. They say it takes a village to raise a child. I believe it takes a village to raise a person.


Can that vision hold up to scrutiny? I think it can. Its individual elements all exist in a variety of forms and places, just not (as far as I am aware) all together at once.


So the two tasks before me/us/you are:

  • Find the best expressions of the individual components of this vision and also the best combinations of them already existing
  • Start seeding / testing this idea with people with interest and influence, especially justice-and-community-minded universities & churches, education-minded NGOs, etc.

(If you the S-J’s, put your thoughts and findings on a spreadsheet somewhere.)

(If you are NOT the S-J’s, leave your thoughts and findings as comments on this post or send us an email.)